Nachiketa Sharma

"Hindustani Vocal" was recorded in Bangalore and was released in May 2000 in California.

Hindustani Vocal consists of five items:

  1. Raga Todi - The first offering is a traditional vilambit composition in ektAl (12 beats), mero mana yAda karo. It is followed by a druta teentAl (16 beats) cheez in praise of Goddess Saraswati, tanaka hero hamari ora. This rAga is also referred to as Miyan-ki-Todi. (Audio clip)

  2. Raga Charukeshi - Two compositions are presented here. First, a madhyalaya teentAl bandish, kAhe manA tu jaga bharmAyA, and it is followed by a striking composition in druta ektAl, hamari tumari rAjana. (Audio clip)

  3. Raga Yaman - The Yaman treatment opens via a madhyalaya teentAl traditional composition, ko udAra, and is topped off by a sprightly druta teentAl cheez, banvAri nA karo. (Audio clip)

  4. Raga Miyan Malhar - Presented here is an exquisite bandish in druta ektAl, Ayi badariyA. (Audio clip)

  5. Vachana (in Kannada) -  yanna kAyavA, was written by Basavanna, the great social reformer of the 12th century AD. Therein he beseeches Lord Shiva to use his body as an instrument on which to play His cosmic tune. (Audio clip)
Accompanying on the harmonium is Vasant Kanakapur and on the tabla is Ravindra Yavagal. An introduction to the artists can be viewed here.

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