Nachiketa Sharma

"Samarpan" was recorded in Bangalore and was released in May 2002 in California.

Samarpan consists of five items:

  1. Raga Nat Bhairav - The opening khayal, aba to piya mana ja, is set to the 12-beat vilambit ektala and is followed by the sprightly tana mana varun, a composition in the 16-beat druta teentala. (Audio clip)

  3. Raga Kukubh Bilawal - The first composition, kahe bhajana bina, is set in the 10-beat jhaptala. The second bandish has a felicitous design and apprehends beautifully all the key lakshanas of the raga: sumirana kara le re mana. (Audio clip)

  5. Raga Patdeep - The charming vilambit roopak (7 beats) composition, dhana dhana bajata, is presented and is followed by hamari tumari na bane, an attractive druta ektala composition. (Audio clip)

  7. Raga Malkauns - A traditional bandish set to druta teentala is offered: Durge maharani devi. (Audio clip)

  9. Bhajan - The album concludes with a Surdas bhajan based in Raga Sarang. (Audio clip)

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