Nachiketa Sharma

Sumiran Karle was recorded in Bangalore and was released in May 2007.

This bhajan album consists of seven devotional offerings in Hindi.


Sumiran Karle consists of seven items


  1. begi hee Brij jaao Udho: The blind saint-poet Surdas beautifully retells the plight of the gopikas of Brindavan, who are drowed in misery due to Lord Krishna having gone away to Brij. In this bhajan set to Raga Kafi, the gopikas plead with Uddhava to urge Him to return to Brindavan.


  1. yahi roopa rahe:  The composer, Shrikrishna Narayan Ratanjankar, sings of his love for Lord Krishna and calls for complete immersion of mind and body in this love.  The bhajan is set to Raga Maand.


  1. tuma bina mori: In this bhajan in Raga Pilu, Meerabai praises Lord Krishna, the handsome one, the protector of Draupadi during her time of distress, and the saviour of all.


  1. aaye anokhe khelaiyya:  This hori in Raga Desh, composed by Krishnadas, speaks of Lord Krishna’s playful antics.


  1. naina bhaye anaatha hamaare: The gopikas of Brindavan describe to Uddhava their grief, they sing that their eyes have become orphaned from not seeing their Lord amid them. The bhajan is in Raga Bhairavi.


  1. sumirana karale mere manaa:  Guru Nanak’s exhortation to remain focused on the Lord is the subject of this shabad based in Raga Gara.


  1. vaha purushottama meraa yaar: The devotee Charandas expresses feelings of pure bhakti and his desire for the close company of the Lord in this bhajan based loosely on Raga Kalingda.



Accompanying on the harmonium is Vasant Kanakapur and on the tabla is Rajgopal Kallurkar. An introduction to the artists can be viewed here.


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