Concerts of Nachiketa Sharma


June 2007


o       Friday the 15th – House concert at Gururaj and Anu Singh’s residence, Saratoga, CA. RSVP required. Details.

o       Saturday the 16th – Concert at the Balaji Temple, Alviso/San Jose, CA. Details.

o       Sunday the 17th – Concert at Sangeetaanjali, Fremont, CA in honour of Lakshmi Shankar’s 81st birthday. Details.

o       Wednesday the 20th – Radio programme “Hindustani greats from Karnataka” on KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM. Archive coming soon.


July 2007


o       Sunday the 22nd - Concert at Sangeetaanjali, Fremont, CA; 4:00 PM. Satish Tare on tabla and Vijay Ghaskadvi on harmonium.


August 2007


o       Sunday the 19th – House concert at the Jere residence, Milpitas, CA

o       Saturday the 25th – House concert at the Kanekal residence, Cupertino, CA


September 2007


o       Saturday the 8th – Hindustani-Karnatic jugalbandi with Ragavan Manian as part of Kannadotsava, Los Altos, CA. Details. (Discounted tickets available through 31 August 2007)


October 2007


o       Saturday the 6th – Concert in Lexington, KY. Details.

o       Saturday the 20th – House concert at the Savanur residence, Cupertino, CA


November 2007


o       Sunday the 4th – House concert at the Rao residence, Palo Alto, CA


December 2007


o       Sunday the 9th – Vachana concert at Sahitya Goshthi, Saratoga Public Library Hall, Saratoga, CA